Who We Are

Welcome to the Addis Ideas web platform! We’re Africa’s first “ideas engine,” harnessing the innovation of African nationals and diaspora for development solutions. The best solutions come from within our communities, so join Addis Ideas today to spark change from the bottom up, not from the top down.

Why Addis Ideas

The primary reason development efforts fail is an insufficient understanding of local African conditions. By crowdsourcing development ideas from African nationals and diaspora, Addis Ideas relies solely on innovation from the continent.

How The App Works

Users submit project ideas to a live feed, where they receive public support and private sponsorship from the Addis Ideas online community. Our goal is to enhance public participation in the development sphere and create a collaborative workspace for Africans who want to improve their communities.


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One of Six Finalists at MIT Africa Innovate

Addis Ideas was selected as one of six finalists for the 2015 MIT Africa Innovate Conference, an intimate showcase of the latest ideas and innovations in entrepreneurship, finance, healthcare, energy, and education.

Help Us Win the Duke Startup Challenge!

We were named as one of the top teams in the Duke Startup Challenge, and we need YOUR help in raising 5,000 dollars to cover the cost of launching our app in Washington, DC!